My New Logo

For a while now I’ve been meaning to have a new logo designed. I love my old logo. It is actually my name in Chinese. I am proud of my Chinese heritage and naturally it has a special place in my heart. But was it suitable as a logo for my photography? Not really. Well, at least not anymore. My business has evolved organically over the past couple of years. I now specialise in photographing babies and children, and very little else. I wanted a logo which conveys immediately what I do.

And here it is! I love it. It is modern, bright, simple and it’s clear to anyone who sees it that I photograph children.

My New Logo | Mui Tsun Photography

I also love the stylised dandelion. Why dandelion? I wanted something to symbolise the innocence of childhood. Who hasn’t picked up and blown a dandelion as a child? And chased after the floating seeds to try and catch them? And even as adults, we still can’t resist the temptation to blow the seeds into the wind when we see one. As much as it is considered a weed by many gardeners, there’s just something magical about a dandelion.

I can’t get over how much I love my new logo. I hope visitors to my website will love it too.