Norfolk Children Photography – Two Little Brothers

About a month ago I spent a morning photograph these two little brothers: Murray and Aidan. You may remember Aidan from a previous session. Who could forget those cute little teeth?

I just love Murray’s fantastic crop of curly hair. Love the cheeky grin in this image too.

Murray with his cheeky smile

What gorgeous eyes!

Murray looking up from swing

This is my favourite of Murray. I love how he’s looking up at me from the swing.

Murray looking through swing

Aidan now has a few more teeth. And still very cute.

Murray clapping with delight when mummy announced a little break, with chocolates on offer.

Murray clapping when chocolate was offered

The two little brothers sharing some well-deserved chocolates …

Little brothers enjoying some chocolate together

… and a little kiss.

Murray giving little brother Aidan a kiss

I do love taking photographs of children’s eyelashes! It’s something I come back to again and again.

Child photography - Aidan

Aidan having a little funny chat with mummy.

Aidan having a fun chat with mummy

This is another of my favourites too. At some point mum was blowing bubbles and quite a few landed on my head. And this was Murray’s delightful reaction.

Murray's reaction when mummy blew bubbles on photographer's head

And here is one of the wall gallery display options I recommended for this client.

Wall gallery

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