Childhood Quote – 25 July 2012

“Children are not things to be moulded, but people to be unfolded.”
– Jess Lair

I love this quote. As parents, we often subconsciously place our hopes and dreams on our children, when we should be spending more energy on helping them blossom as who they are. Hard to do, [...]

Timeless Games for Children – Do We Still Need Them?

We’re always seeing reports in the news concerning children spending too much time indoors in front of game consoles or the television; it’s one of the factors that the government is fond of quoting as a cause of childhood obesity. There is certainly no denying that the technology we’re [...]

How young is too young?

I recently stumbled upon a news article that caused me to do a double take. It was describing something that should have been a completely innocent occasion; a Mother’s Day afternoon tea event organised by a school in Australia where the children were encouraged to bring along their mothers [...]

Big Boy Bike

His friends have been riding bikes without stabilisers for quite a while now but until recently, James was still reluctant to take his stabilisers off. On one occasion, his best friend had a cycling birthday party in a forest park and he couldn’t join in because he would not [...]

Do you dread dressing-up days?

Egyptian mummy. Roman soldier. Superhero. A piece of fruit. The teachers that come up with such an incredibly diverse range of different dress-up days must certainly be gifted with vivid imaginations!

For me, the moment I dig the letter out of James’ school bag politely requesting me to dress him [...]

Homework – Good or Bad?

It’s a lovely afternoon. The sun is shining, the sky is blue; it’s a perfect opportunity for some family time in the garden after school. Perfect, that is, until you see that there’s homework in the school bag to be done.

Have you noticed that the quantity of homework seems [...]

“Father Forgets” – by W Livingston Larned

I came across “Father Forgets” recently. It’s a beautiful piece of writing and it brought tears to my eyes. It was written quite some time ago so the language is a little dated. But the message behind it will always be relevant to us as parents, who are often [...]

Are We Over-protecting Our Children?

The memories of the last winter are fading behind us with this gloriously sunny spring, but I still enjoy glancing back at my photos of James and the family playing outside as those fragile white flakes fell to coat our garden, creating a beautiful winter wonderland. There’s nothing quite [...]

Let Children Be Children

If there’s one thing we don’t lack as parents today it is advice. Numerous blogs and magazine articles and titbits of potentially useful information from the government to individuals, tell us that we should be giving our children the best chance for their future today. This could mean enrolling [...]

Laughing Baby

I came across the following YouTube video a while ago and really wanted to share it with you. I challenge you to watch it without laughing.

It made me think… how great would it be if we as grown-ups can laugh like that at least once in a while?