Happy Christmas

23 December 2013|

Happy Christmas to you all!

Guild of Photographers Awards – November 2013

22 December 2013|

I have been very slack with updating this blog lately. My excuse? I spent a great deal of time from May to November helping out a science charity event. Now that the event is behind me I can once again concentrate on my photography and resume entering the Guild’s [...]


5 December 2013|

The house was still gloomily dark at 7am. Opening the curtains helped a little, but not much. Cursing these dark winter mornings, I dragged myself downstairs to brew some tea. Normally I’d be rushing back upstairs again to get ready for the school run, but something caught my eye. [...]

Beautiful Norfolk

30 November 2013|

So lucky that school runs go through such beautiful woodlands. The colours are lovely at this time of the year. Driving through falling leaves and humming to a tune on the radio together with James makes me happy. Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring life into perspective.

Lego Fun

5 October 2013|

Had so much fun watching James build Nelson’s Column with Lego pieces this morning. Took us ages to find the sword amongst thousands of Lego pieces, and we couldn’t find a more appropriate hat. But not bad right?


17 September 2013|

Being from the Far East, I grew up with paper folding, or origami. I remembered the amazement on James’ face a few years back when I made a jumping frog.

A couple of years ago I bought him an origami book and a pack of folding paper. Sadly he found [...]

Norfolk Sunset (Again)

1 September 2013|

I post about Norfolk sunset quite a lot. Who can blame me though? After thirteen years living where we do, I am still constantly amazed by the sunset we see from our house.

Guild of Photographers Awards – July 2013

22 August 2013|

The Guild’s monthly competition results for July are out. So please to have been awarded four bronzes.

See more of my award-winning images.

Baby Pigeon?

18 August 2013|

Today I risked falling off from a great height to photograph this strangely adorable baby bird. We think it’s a baby pigeon. If you know what it is please get in touch and let me know.

Sadly the next day it was gone.

The Manoharan Family

1 August 2013|

I photographed the Manoharan family a couple of weeks ago. This is the second time they came to see me and we all enjoyed the session as much as we did the first time.