On Sunday I took James and his friend to Banham Zoo, which is only a short car ride away from us. We are quite lucky to have such a lovely zoo so close to us.

The day started out lovely and warm, and even though we were caught in torrential rain for about an hour later on in the afternoon, we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

James busy filming the penguins.

James filming penguins.

The boys working out where to go.

The boys working out where to go.

This monkey was perching on a post just inches from us. We were advised not to touch though.

These cute little lemurs were having a group sun-bathing session.

I forgot what these are. I think they are mongooses. (By the way, I have looked it up, the plural of mongoose is mongooses, not mongeese. Interesting.)

If you ever visit Banham Zoo, I highly recommend the bird of prey display. I have to tell you, you wouldn’t normally find me watching a show in the rain, but the display was so good that when it started pouring down, we all decided to stay till the end. That’s how good it was.

Also, it gave me an opportunity to photograph these majestic creatures. Just look at the eyes of this eagle!

To me this owl was the star of the show. It was flying skillfully just inches about the heads of the audience. And I love this image I managed to capture.

Well, what can I say about this next photo of James? Boys will be boys.

At least they did stop messing around long enough for me to capture them being normal!

I love the angle of these two images.

The end of a brilliant fun day out. Highly recommended!