Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to you all!

Guild of Photographers Awards – November 2013

I have been very slack with updating this blog lately. My excuse? I spent a great deal of time from May to November helping out a science charity event. Now that the event is behind me I can once again concentrate on my photography and resume entering the Guild’s [...]


The house was still gloomily dark at 7am. Opening the curtains helped a little, but not much. Cursing these dark winter mornings, I dragged myself downstairs to brew some tea. Normally I’d be rushing back upstairs again to get ready for the school run, but something caught my eye. [...]

Beautiful Norfolk

So lucky that school runs go through such beautiful woodlands. The colours are lovely at this time of the year. Driving through falling leaves and humming to a tune on the radio together with James makes me happy. Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring life into perspective.

Lego Fun

Had so much fun watching James build Nelson’s Column with Lego pieces this morning. Took us ages to find the sword amongst thousands of Lego pieces, and we couldn’t find a more appropriate hat. But not bad right?


Being from the Far East, I grew up with paper folding, or origami. I remembered the amazement on James’ face a few years back when I made a jumping frog.

A couple of years ago I bought him an origami book and a pack of folding paper. Sadly he found [...]

Norfolk Sunset (Again)

I post about Norfolk sunset quite a lot. Who can blame me though? After thirteen years living where we do, I am still constantly amazed by the sunset we see from our house.

Guild of Photographers Awards – July 2013

The Guild’s monthly competition results for July are out. So please to have been awarded four bronzes.

See more of my award-winning images.

Baby Pigeon?

Today I risked falling off from a great height to photograph this strangely adorable baby bird. We think it’s a baby pigeon. If you know what it is please get in touch and let me know.

Sadly the next day it was gone.

The Manoharan Family

I photographed the Manoharan family a couple of weeks ago. This is the second time they came to see me and we all enjoyed the session as much as we did the first time.