In December I decided to start a photo challenge with a photography friend. The idea was to photograph objects resembling the English alphabet, and we had to complete the set by the end of January 2012.

I’m sure you all know this feeling. You have a task with a deadline. You feel cool. You think there’s plenty of time ahead. And suddenly, before you know it, you find that the deadline is looming and you only have a few days left to complete your goal.

Well, the alphabet challenge was a lot like that. What with the trouble I had with my website being hacked and me spending three days getting it fixed, followed by my hosting company suffering a critical failure, causing my site to go down for two days, I really felt that I had had enough. Getting out in the cold looking for objects to photograph was the last thing on my mind, and I thought I probably would have to admit defeat. But all the while I didn’t give up completely and deep down knew that I’d find a way to complete the set. Perseverance paid off in the end. I’m proud to say I’ve done it.

Photo Challenge - Objects resembling the letters A to Z.

You can see the individual images on my Facebook page: Alphabet Soup Challenge